Craig Addecott was born in Wales in 1969. Some say he was born with a bass in his hands and had already written several albums worth of blues songs.

Growing up in the 70s Craig spent his days writing letters to Santa Clause not realising that, in a M Night Shyamalan style twist, he actually was Santa Claus. Or would one day become. We are still not sure…

As a young man in the 90s Craig honed his bass skills and formed bands such as The Proud Marys and The Blocked, producing some of the finest Wesh Indie sounds.

Craig also had a succession of jobs including working in advertising and as Sicilian mob boss. It was while working for Dean guitars at an exhibition show however, that he made the acquaintance of a certain John Entwistle, legendary bassist for The Who. Craig and John became good friends and John even swapped basses and gave bass tips to Craig.

In 2003, Craig made the decision to start a Who Tribute band, and thus his life was doomed forever. Still, never one to let the little things get him down, Craig embraced the challenge of being in a band with three other idiots driving up and down the country for a packet of crisps and in no time at all things were actually going well and Who’s Next were soon established as the Premier Who Tribute in the UK. Soon the band were playing such prestigious venues as The Cavern in Liverpool and commanding fees comparable to Elton John’s wardrobe budget. 

In 2021 though, after 18 years, 9 and a half singers, 4 guitarists, 236 drummers and 19 nervous breakdowns, Craig sadly decided to depart Who’s Next. A phenomenal bassist, filling his shoes would be very tough but Craig was ever encouraging and helpful with leading forward the band that he had put so much time, love and effort into. 

Craig now spends his time as Santa Claus and playing in a R n B and rock band The Junk Yard Dogs, check them out below.