Who Are We?


Who's Next are the UK's Premier Live Tribute to The Who.

From the explosive opening power chords of ‘I Can’t Explain’ to the majestic pomp of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ Who’s Next embody The Who in their prime.

Expect to see Daltrey’s swinging microphone and gutsy vocals, Townshend’s trademark windmill guitar playing style, Entwistle’s ice cool virtuoso bass playing and Moon’s wild-man antics; demolishing the drums like a man possessed! Who’s Next wear period stage outfits and use authentic instruments to create the total WHO concert experience.

Join together with the band

In addition to their highly acclaimed Greatest Hits show, Who’s Next also play album themed shows celebrating material from Tommy, Who’s Next and Quadrophenia *including shows with original cast members on Brighton Beach! The band have also performed at 60s and 70s themed events where they encourage their audience to join them in rousing choruses of their favourite Who songs.

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Maximum R & B since 2003!

"If you weren't lucky or old enough to see The Who in their heyday, then see this lot! You will not be disappointed!"
Gary Shail
"Spider" - Quadrophenia

Who’s Next were formed in 2003 and have been entertaining the UK and Europe ever since, regarded by many as the Uk’s number 1 Who tribute.

Who’s Next’s busy touring schedule includes corporate performances for major blue chip companies such as Cisco Systems, Bayer Global, the BBC, Bauer Consumer Media Ltd and Bourne Leisure.

Over the span of nearly two decades they have graced such famous venues as The Cavern Club in Liverpool, London’s 100 Club and even played a before show event for The Who at the O2 Complex. In 2016 they played to around 40,000 people at Carfest North in support of such artists as The Kaiser Chiefs and KT Tunstall. 

Abroad they have played in Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Germany, Greece, Holland and more.


Dante DiCarlo - Guitar + Vocals

The longest standing member of Who’s Next, The Inferno, The Italian Stallion (you can tell he’s writing this can’t you?) Dante, has been a fan of The Who since he was a teenager and rates them as his favourite band who are also responsible for his favourite album (Quadrophenia) and his first tattoo (because it was of Quadrophenia – not because the band tattooed him) as well as rating Pete Townshend as his ultimate guitar-slinger/showman/songwriter. 

Dante brings to the band the energy and stage acrobatics of Townshend (I’m getting too old for this s**t) and an encyclopedic knowledge of The Who.

When not playing with Who’s Next, Dante produces his own music (look it up) works on inventing time travel so he can go back in time and marry Raquel Welch and unsuccessfully attempts to avoid writing about himself in the third person.

Karl Moulden - Vocals + Harmonica, Keys

Who’s Next’s powerhouse vocalist originally hails from Blackburn, Lancashire (where he grew up in one of its 4000 holes) but now resides in the Welsh Valleys where he builds sheep and grows wigs. A man of many talents (some of which we cannot disclose in polite company), Karl also plays harmonica (and keyboards on occasion during Quadrophenia Club Night shows) as well as being a dab hand at fixing a guitar, which comes in handy when your guitarist tends to bash the living daylights out of them.

Having previously sung in another Who tribute Karl was well used to the gutsy vocals needed to do the Who’s music justice, indeed much like Roger Daltrey, Karl puts every ounce of sweat into a performance, never holding back or shying away from tackling the tough songs.

Karl used to keep pet cockroaches until they formed a military and attempted a coup, and can often be found riding his motorbike or rally car. His favourite colour is stripey and he is fond of the music of Frank Zappa.

Max Edwards - Bass + Vocals

Having previously toured with such bands as Cathedral, Max Edwards has experience far and wide playing bass and guitar to crowds all around the world. A fan of such bass legends as Jack Bruce, Lemmy, Donald “The Duck” Dunn, as well as of course the one and only “Ox” John Entwistle, Max was handpicked by Who’s Next founder and Bassist Craig Addecott to step into his shoes when he decided to leave the band. Considering Craig was a friend of John Entwistle himself and received bass tips from him, you can say Craig was only going to pick someone who was more than up to the task! 

A lifelong Londoner, Max also plays in Lord Algae with Who’s Next’s drummer Mike. In his spare time he collects accents and co-chairs a Paisley and Flares Appreciation Society with Dante.

Mike Vishnick - Drums + Vocals

Mike Joined the band in March 2020 and spent 18 months locked in the van waiting for his first gig while live music took a break from the world. Sorry we just totally forgot you were in there! Surviving on the dregs of 100 costa coffee cups left in said van and the crumbs from service station sandwiches, he emerged in September 2021 high on caffeine and ready to go. He did not disappoint.

Mike has long been a Who mega-fan and in particular a disciple of Keith Moon which is evident as soon as he sits behind a kit. Nailing Moon’s notoriously tricky and unique style, Mike also visually pays tribute to the legendary drummer, performing stick twirls and flourishes that will have you looking at him instead of the singer (Singers hate that) and guitarist (How very dare you) 

Mike also plays in the band Lord Algae with Max, a role he has filled ever since retiring as one of the Wombles.